About Us

Our company began in 1953, as Lewis Mittman based in New York City. Since that time, the Interior Design industry has changed and so has our company. Under new ownership we continue to accelerate that pace of change. Today's announcement is not simply a name change. We are enhancing and refining all aspects of our business, beginning with a complete re-mastering of our wood finishes. The very best talent in North Carolina are part of the team that will provide our designers with world-class finish selection and quality. We are also complimenting our case goods offering with exciting new designs. While continuing to be the leader in fine upholstered seating, we are committed to expanding the case goods side of our business. Refinements to our website have been made to serve as tools for designers and their clients. Photos of Standard products are now shown alongside Customized versions for inspiration and an "In-Stock" menu option has been added to showcase an offering of quick-ship chair frames.

Every aspect of our business from artisan craftsmanship to world class customization will be supported with improved personalized service to insure designers are provided with the best possible experience. Our goal: to create the most trusted, highest quality to-the-trade brand in the industry. As a reflection of these change we are refreshing our logo and refining our name. Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman is now FERRELL MITTMAN.

Ira Glazer, Owner